Building Organisational 

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High Performance People Pathway
for: Building Organisational Trust

Program Overview:

Arguably, trust is at the heart of every relationship, whether it be business or personal in nature. And people who can quickly and consistently build trust with others tend to have longer, stronger relationships than those who just focus on being liked. This powerful program helps delegates define what real trust is all about, help identify why it’s important to be trusted, and then explore Vanessa Hall’s unique TRUST WALL to confidently build trust with whomever you want, whenever you like. You can earn professional development training, here.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the characteristics of a trustworthy person

  • Build trust through meeting needs, managing expectations and delivering on promises.

Who Should Attend?

  • We invite everyone to attend, there are no restrictions here.

Program Inclusions:

Trust: What & Why

  • Defining trust

  • why it’s important to be trusted

  • characteristics of a trustworthy person.

The Trust Wall:

  • Meeting human needs

  • Managing expectations

  • Delivering on promises.


  • 1 - 2hr sessions available online via ZOOM

  • 1 - 4hr sessions available face to face.  

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Program Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this program.