Change Management

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Professional Development Pathway
for: Change Management

Program Overview:

We can’t be certain of too many things in today’s world, but there’s one guarantee: whether we like it or not, we’re in a constant state of change. This course builds knowledge and skills that will enable you to manage the transition of a team on a path of change.


Often delivered as a supplement to our Project Management program, the course focuses on strategies that manage inevitable resistance to change and reduce other change obstacles before, during and after a change implementation.


By attending this program you’ll come away with a proven process for influencing change, including a range of tools and strategies that motivate team members to realise genuine behaviour shifts in order to achieve sustained organisational change.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Differentiate between project management and change management

  • Discuss the reasons why people typically resist change

  • Describe the J-curve of team change and determine techniques for reducing the team performance drop

  • Explain the 3 key stages of the change management process

  • Produce a change implementation plan

  • Describe how to remove typical barriers to change

  • Identify learning support options for team members experiencing change

  • List the key elements of a compelling change message that will engage team members and motivate buy-in

  • Determine the most beneficial way to utilise change agents

  • Manage the application of a change implementation plan

  • Recall change metrics that can be used to monitor and measure change

  • Determine the best communication strategies when implementing change

  • Practice applying change coaching to a resistant team member

  • Discuss strategies that will sustain momentum after a change has been implemented

  • Apply change management tools and templates to a relevant workplace change project.

Who Should Attend?

  • This course is suitable for anyone getting started in change management. It’s also highly relevant for those who have experience with project work and are looking to learn more about how to support team members through significant organisational change. The end to end methodology provided in the course is scalable to fit any sized change project and is suitable for anyone who has a responsibility to lead a change initiative within a team or across an organisation.

Detailed Program Outline:

Module 1: 


Plan a change initiative


  • Project manager or change manager

  • The psychology of change

  • The impact of change on performance

  • The 3 stages of change management

Stage 1: Plan change

  • Consult with key stakeholders

  • Identify resistance

  • Remove barriers to change

  • Determine learning support options

  • Communicate to secure buy-in

  • Develop your change messaging

  • Innovators and laggards

  • Select your change agents

  • Confirm your change metrics

  • Complete your change plan

Module 2:


Deliver & sustain

a change initiative

Stage 2: Deliver change

  • Track and monitor progress

  • Check in with change agents

  • Monitor change communication

  • Reinforce quick wins

  • Frame your message

  • Identify and manage ongoing resistance

  • Apply change coaching

Stage 3: Sustain change 

  • Confirm behaviour change

  • Communicate success

  • Ensure integration of the change

  • Complete a change adoption report

Personal action plan

  • Identify relevant actions that can be applied to your workplace change projects

Program Inclusions:

  • Training from an experienced Change Management facilitator

  • Learner guide

  • Pre and post course activities


  • 1x full day 

  • The program can also be delivered as 2x half days or 2x 3hr ZOOM modules.


Program Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this course. Participants are advised to bring a relevant workplace change project that they can focus on throughout the course.