Coaching Conversations
for Leaders Program

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Leadership Development Pathway
for: Coaching Conversations for Leaders

Program Overview: Workshop 1

In this unique series from People Tank, you will learn to how to conduct three crucial leadership conversations – a coaching conversation, a feedback conversation, and a courageous conversation. You can earn professional development training, here. Welcome to Workshop1 (of 3). 


Grounded in the belief that human beings are excellent problem solvers when supported and in the right environment, coaching is a powerful vehicle for empowering, growing and developing the skills, confidence, and competence of your team.

In this live, interactive session we will explore:

  • Leader as coach

  • When to coach and when not to coach

  • Asking the right questions at the right time

  • Developing a coaching mindset.


  • 90 minutes

  • All sessions in this series will be delivered by ZOOM. 

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