Courageous Conversations
for Leaders Program

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Leadership Development Pathway
for: Courageous Conversations for Leaders

Program Overview: Workshop 2

In this unique series from People Tank, you will learn to how to conduct three crucial leadership conversations – a coaching conversation, a feedback conversation, and a courageous conversation. You can earn professional development training, here. Welcome to Workshop 2 (of 3).


There are certain topics or issue that some leaders find difficult or uncomfortable to raise with their team or individuals. What might our silence cost us and our team? Do we talk ourselves out of having challenging conversations and as a result end up feeling frustrated and disappointed with the results we are achieving?

In this live, interactive session we will explore:

  • What stops us from being courageous at work?

  • The use of curious questions and stories to engage the other person

  • How to manage our emotional state when the stakes are high

  • A six-step process for navigating courageous conversations.


  • 90x minutes

  • All sessions in this series are delivered online via ZOOM or Microsoft Teams. 

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