Creating Belonging

Personal Development Pathway
for: Creating Belonging 

Program Overview:

People who feel like they belong are six times more likely to be engaged at work, and they are more likely to speak up and even recommend their workplace to others. Creating a sense of belonging is critical and takes focused, consistent and meaningful action by the organisation, leaders, teams and individuals. You can earn professional development training, here.

  • Understanding diversity, inclusion and belonging and why it’s important to individuals, teams and organisations

  • Uncovering  the components of psychological safety as the keys to an inclusive workplace and how we can all take action to create the right environment for inclusion and belonging to exist and thrive

  • Translating our insights into action by prioritising and committing to 2 to 3 practical actions to leverage strengths and grow inclusion in their team and organisation.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the impact of diversity, inclusion and belonging on individuals, teams, and organisations

  • Be more aware of your thinking patterns, language and behaviour

  • Consistently create a psychologically safe environment for high trust and belonging to exist.

Who Should Attend?

  • All people leaders and team members.

Program Inclusions:

  • Workshop notes capturing key details, concepts and tools

  • Insights to action worksheet to inspire and motivate changed thinking and behaviour.


  • 1x 90 minute session.

Program Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this program. Participants are advised to bring relevant workplace examples and challenges that they can focus on throughout the program.

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