Digital Learning Design.

Together, let us help you identify how your
learning can be transformed.

We work with you to simplify your digital learning roadmap.


We design custom digital learning and create experiences for businesses of today, leveraging the skills an Australian-based team of experienced instructional designers and developers that design digital content, we storyboard and build everything locally - and all our services are quality checked, and tested before you go 'live'. This includes compliance with your LMS, Compliance and Accessibility Standards (WCAG2.0/2.1) are met. 


Working in partnership with Australia's leading digital agency, BSI Digital Learning, we are at the forefront of creating exceptional outputs to support scale, and deliver digital learning seamlessly. 

We recognise the 'digital and virtual lens' being cast over every organisation globally as we navigate learning through and beyond COVID-19, continued disruption to learning and new ways of working. There is a real need for learning teams to consider the future of learning and how existing programs can be delivered as digital or virtual solutions.


We are here to help L&D Leaders create memorable and impactful learning that can be shared beyond a training room. 


What's in the Tank?

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Increased Quality

People Tank has forged a working partnership with BSI to deliver quality, digital learning design expertise and managed services to our clients.

Our partnership mutually benefits both organisations, and our clients, ensuring:

  • Digital engagements meet stringent learning standards with the backing of an experienced design team at BSI

  • We can rapidly scale to support Australian businesses with the best learning talent in digital learning design, instructional design and we support clients to be successful when building digital solutions for your business 

  • We provide the quality assurance and advice on creating digital learning that land successfully for your people, and make a difference

  • We offer flexible learning solution design to meet your budget

  • We act as an extension to your learning function. Our team is Australian based and all design work is delivered locally for you.

We are really excited about this working relationship and recognise its game-changing potential as learning teams further embrace digital technology for learning.

Solutions Offered

Providing your organisation with access to:

  • Induction and Onboarding program design

  • Workplace Compliance digital design

  • eLearning - from start to finish

  • Virtual training design & delivery

  • Learning Needs Analysis

  • Project Scoping and Digital Reviews

  • Custom program design

  • Professional Development program design

  • Leadership Development program design

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Managing Your Needs

Our goal is to create great learning experiences. We strive to effectively use digital modes as a mechanism to support learning, rather than the end goal. This holistic approach means we consider the entire learning journey and how to achieve your business outcomes effectively.


Through our partnership with BSI, digital learning creation provides your business with the confidence in design, delivery and also extended outsourced services to provide real, sustainable capability in a team structure (Managed Learning Service). We support our customers by harnessing digital learning as a part of their organisational learning strategies and nothing less. 

Our key strengths include:

  • Sound advice and a partnership that puts you first

  • Clear, concise, and honest communication

  • Project management

  • Learner engagement and capability growth

  • Building exceptional digitally supported learning experiences

  • Delivery of business outcomes through supported and empowered teams.


The BSI Experience

BSI Digital: Digital Learning Projects

BSI Digital: Explainer Animations

Getting straight to the heart of a matter and gaining people’s attention is critical to the success of any organisational initiative. Explainer animations can be a highly effective solution that make a significant return on your training investment. Whether you have a complex concept you need to explain quickly, are spending millions on digital or transformational change and need to ensure people are onboard, or simply want to ensure your employees can get behind your values and purpose, and your ability to provide a clear explanation is key.


BSI are the masters of creating succinct, engaging and fun learning videos that cut through the noise.

“The BSI/People Tank relationship is a win-win for our shared customers and business. We offer world-class digital learning and a scalable workforce through our managed service offering.”
Simon Dewar, Director, Digital Learning - BSI