Emotional Intelligence
for Leaders

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for: Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Program Overview:

While we sometimes expect that technical expertise is all you need to get a job done, a project delivered, outcomes achieved – but actually most work roles need so much more.


A big part of work success involves managing ourselves and our interactions with other people: and these can be a challenge. Our behaviour, and relationships with colleagues, managers and team members at work can help or hinder our ability to achieve outcomes. Emotional intelligence is the key to building our effectiveness at work through cohesive relationships. Numerous studies have found that organisations and teams who develop their emotional intelligence a more able to achieve their outcomes.

This session explores the key skills and behaviours of emotional intelligence, building trust and rapport for high performing teams, and building a positive and productive culture.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the neuroscience of emotion and emotional intelligence

  • Develop awareness of your own and others’ emotional responses, and the role of emotions in driving behaviour

  • Build abilities in self-regulation to manage emotions and adapt own behaviours

  • Develop empathy and perspective on other people’s responses and behaviours

  • Use key interpersonal skills and behaviours to build effective relationships based on trust and mutual accountability.

Who Should Attend?

  • Everyone who deals with other people in the course of their work. Which is most of us. Whether you are an individual contributor, team member, CEO, or even work alone as a sole trader

  • We can all benefit from enhancing our emotional intelligence to find ways to build better collaborative relationships with those around us - work colleagues and team mates, clients and customers, leaders and managers.

Detailed Program Outline:

Module 1: 


Understanding EQ

  • The role of emotions – neuroscience to behaviour

  • Genos report debrief

  • Self-awareness.

Module 2:


Emotional Intelligence

  • Awareness of others

  • The authentic you

  • Using emotions in reasoning

  • Self-management

  • Action planning.

Program Inclusions:

  • Training from an accredited EQ facilitator-coach

  • Pre-workshop preparation pack

  • Individual Genos Emotional Intelligence Profile assessment with group debrief during the program

  • Post workshop learning transfer activity – supports practice of new behaviours in the workplace.  


  • 1x full day

  • The program can also be delivered as 2x half days.


Program Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this program. Participants are advised to bring relevant workplace examples and challenges that they can focus on throughout the program.

More than just a workshop – a programmatic approach of three events, including self-paced pre-workshop preparation pack and individualised action plan for ongoing improvement and developing the new behaviours.

All learning and development activities are able to be customised for your organisation’s context: policies and procedures, suitable case studies, scenarios, examples, forms, templates, visuals and terminology.

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