Feedback Conversations
for Leaders Program

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Leadership Development Pathway
for: Feedback Conversations for Leaders

Program Overview: Workshop 3

In this unique series from People Tank, you will learn to how to conduct three crucial leadership conversations – a coaching conversation, a feedback conversation, and a courageous conversation. You can earn professional development training, here. Welcome to Workshop 3 (of 3). 


Most people have blind spots when it comes to their behaviour, the impact their behaviour may have on others and their effectiveness when it comes to meeting performance expectations.  Through feedback conversations the leader and their team member can engage in a productive, kind, healthy, and solution-oriented conversation about making different behavioural choices to enhance and sustain high performance.

In this live, interactive session we will explore:

  • Why we avoid giving feedback

  • The gift of feedback

  • Different types of feedback

  • A simple model for planning and conducting feedback conversations.


  • 90x minutes

  • All sessions in this series will be delivered online via ZOOM or Microsoft Teams. 

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