Finding Focus
with Mindfulness 

Personal Development Pathway
for: Finding Focus with Mindfulness 

Program Overview:

We’re experiencing a distraction epidemic! The pace of life and rate of change means we’re often caught up in doing more, multitasking, and filling in every moment of our day and week. We are distracted. We’re exhausted. Our work, life, wellbeing and relationships suffer.


Mindfulness can help you find focus, drive better performance at work, and find greater fulfilment and happiness. Building attentional intelligence is a cognitive skill that we can all develop. Learn why mindfulness is being embraced by the world’s top performers in business, sports and the arts. These sessions are designed to recharge your team for optimum performance.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Improve productivity and performance

  • Respond rather than react in high-pressure situations

  • Improve focus and  concentration for clearer thinking and decision making

  • Increase vitality and energy to fuel great outcomes

  • Enhance your professional and personal relationships and communication.

Who Should Attend?

  • This series would suit groups of up to 20 team members and/or leaders

  • This series is for those new to mindfulness or those who have had some experience and looking to broaden out their practice or get their mindfulness practice back in action.

Detailed Program Outline:

Session 1: 


Understanding the neuroscience of mindfulness and the science and impact of stress on our mind and body.

Session 4:


Looking at how

mindfulness can enhance relationships with

ourselves and others for improved outcomes.

Session 2:


Exploring the importance

of attention and focus in

our lives and what it costs us when we’re distracted.

Session 5:


Creating a toolkit of attention training techniques to practice proactively for mental fitness but also in the moment to call to attention

a wandering mind when we need it.

Session 3:


Understanding how and

why mindfulness drives productivity and performance by moving from default to active attention.

Program Inclusions:

  • Workshop notes capturing key details, concepts and tools

  • Insights to action worksheet to inspire and motivate changed thinking and behaviour

  • Mindfulness in action options to put the session into action.


  • 2x 90 minute Sessions

  • These can be delivered fortnightly or monthly.


Program Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this program.