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Frequently Asked Questions

How many participants can you have in a workshop?

  • Microsoft 365 programs – A minimum of 6 and maximum of up to 12 participants

  • Professional Development and Leadership programs – a minimum of 8 participants and maximum of 16 participants

What are your cancellation terms for a program? 

  • Notifications of cancellations and requests for transfers must be made in writing to:  People Tank Pty Ltd -

  • All the following cancellation notice periods and associated cancellation fees payable apply:

Cancellation Notice Period before date of first training event. 

Notification of over 28 days’ notice 

Notification between 16 to 20 business days  

Notification between 11 to 15  business days   

Notification between 0 to 10 business days     

Cancellation Fee Payable

Any customisation, development and administration fee if applicable

50% of total program cost will be charged

75% of total program cost will be charged

100% of total program cost will  be charged

Do you offer training for the hybrid learner?

  • Yes – we build programs that are designed with the modern learner in mind. All programs are designed for virtual and in-person delivery

Can you fully customise a learning program for us?

  • Yes. We love to tailor our programs for your business

Can you map our program to our Learning, Capability or Leadership framework?

  • We sure do! Our team have extensive experience in building programs to suit your capability matrix, so we’ll always work closely with you to build a program that lands and can immediately be applied to the learner and their role. 

We don't have a lot of money right now so are you affordable yet offering great value for money?

  • Absolutely! We go above and beyond to create affordable learning. If your budget is tight, we’ll do what we can to work with that.  

What’s your point of difference or why do you say you're unique?

  • Post introduction call our experts join the customer journey to immerse themselves in understanding the 'why', gain audience and organisation insights. We do this to ensure we provide a memorable and practical learning solution that lasts!

  • our informed understanding of learning and development modules allows us to be acutely aware of what people, teams and leaders require to support their professional and personal growth. 

  • We are innovative. Inspired to always provide solutions, not problems.

  • We are a bunch of diverse people who truly love what they do!

Are your instructional designers vetted and hand-picked for the job?

  • They absolutely are! All our instructional designers are extensively interviewed, vetted and chosen due to their experience, industry knowledge of designing end-to-end learning (including digital learning design). We’re innovators in learning, and so are our extended design team.

Can I secure my training budget with People Tank and pay in advance?

  • Sure! We’re here to help you secure your budget, not lose it! Our finance team will help invoice your project or training needs in advance and secure your funds tightly until you wish to use them. We encourage our clients to use funds within 6 months of paying your invoice. 

What’s the preferred lead time required to schedule our training program?

  • Lead time, that all depends on if you need us to customise your training? Otherwise our team is flexible and we’ll work with you on the best date possible to secure your training sooner than later. Most programs can be delivered within 3-4 weeks (or sooner) depending on the need. Give us a call to discuss further.

Do you offer discounts to Not-for-Profit, Local or State Government clients?

  • Yes, we absolutely do. We recognise funds are often tight, so we’ll do our best to accommodate an appropriate discount structure for your needs and make this work for you.  

Can we combine courses from one pathway to another?

  • Our programs are flexible, and our team of specialists will work with you to build the best solution that works for you. If this means bringing together a range of pathways, then we’ll go the extra mile to make that happen. We’re innovators after all, so trust us to build the program that lands and makes a difference.

Do I have to bring anything?

  • This depends on the program selected and will be highlighted in your presented Scope of Works.

Where can I find more information?

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