Fuelling Performance

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Leadership Development Pathway
for: Fuelling Performance in your life

Program Overview:

We’re experiencing a distraction epidemic! The pace of life and rate of change means we’re often caught up in doing more, multitasking, and filling in every moment of our day and week. We are distracted. We’re exhausted. Our work, life, wellbeing and relationships suffer. Our wellbeing is what fuels us in every aspect of our lives. Yet, we’re often focused on reacting to our busy lives by trying to create more time and fit more in. Unlike time, our energy is renewable, expandable and replenishable. Mindfulness plays a critical role in our wellbeing and managing our energy and we explore different ways we can take simple but meaningful action to fuel our wellbeing and energy. 


This session is designed to recharge your team for optimum performance.

Participants will:

  • Begin by understanding the four different sources (and detractors) of wellbeing and energy

  • Undertake their own personal audit to allow insight into where focus should be to have the greatest impact

  • Build attentional intelligence, a cognitive skill that when developed will help you find focus, drive better performance

  • Find greater fulfilment and happiness

  • Learn why mindfulness is being embraced by the world’s top performers in business, sports and the arts.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the neuroscience of mindfulness and the science and impact of stress on our mind and body

  • Explore the importance of attention and focus in our lives and what it costs us when we’re distracted

  • Break down energy into four wellsprings and finding your formula for renewal and recharge

  • Understand how and why mindfulness drives productivity and performance by moving from default to active attention

  • Look at how mindfulness can enhance relationships with ourselves and others for improved outcomes

  • Create a toolkit of attention training techniques to practice proactively for mental fitness but also in the moment to call to attention a wandering mind when we need it

  • Establish an energy management plan we can put into practice immediately.

Program Inclusions:

To support the session and extend the learning, we will provide participants with digital resources:

  • Presentation slides summary of the session

  • Impact to action worksheet

  • Energy and wellbeing scales for self-assessment

  • Managing your energy plan worksheet.



  • 3.5 hours (with a 15 min break)

  • In-person or virtual

Program Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this program.