Hybrid Works

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Hybrid Works, it's a Masterclass for Leaders.
We're shifting gears in how we work.

Program Overview:

A series of targeted masterclasses that equip managers and leaders with the skills to drive high-performance, create a psychological safe environment and thrive through times of rapid change while working as a hybrid workforce. Over the past two years we have seen the impacts of Covid-19, and we’ve had to pivot consistently to change and recognise new traits in our leadership style. Now is your time to harness new skills and be supported through a custom program built with today’s leader in mind. It’s time to amplify your leadership and to drive continued positive change for the times ahead of us. Be at the forefront of leadership in your organisation.

This practical and action focused masterclass program consists of four half day masterclass modules that support participants to lead with greater capability and confidence in a hybrid world of work:

  • Re-discovering my leadership in hybrid

  • Leading high performance teams in hybrid

  • Re-connecting with purpose and the organisation

  • Amplifying my leadership in the future of work.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • The masterclass program is focused on leading participants through awareness to insight to action for real and tangible impact

  • Leaders will feel empowered to lead their teams and the organisation into the future

  • Leaders will have a range of concepts, models and tools to implement great leadership throughout the program and beyond

  • Participants will lead a range of critical conversations about hybrid working in the context of individuals, teams and the organisation.

Who Should Attend?

  • People leaders. Participants in this masterclass program need to have direct reports

  • Maximum 16 participants per program

  • All of the same participants to attend all four masterclass modules.

Pre Program Discovery:

  • In order to contextualise the program and have it compliment the client’s internal practices, policies and culture the facilitator is to meet with the client to complete the pre-program discovery questions (People Tank to supply document)

  • This meeting will occur at least four weeks prior to commencement of the first Masterclass module. 

Detailed Program Outline:


Masterclass 1: 


Rediscovering Myself

in Hybrid

Great leadership begins with self and that’s where this program commences. Genuine awareness and understanding of our leadership style, strengths, blind spots, mindset, and purpose is critical to effectively lead others. We take a look at how the last couple of years has shaped who we are, how we lead now, and how we want to lead into the future.



In this masterclass we explore:

  • INSIGHT: The journey of getting to now and turning those experiences into wisdom for the way we lead

  • IDENTITY AND PURPOSE: Leadership from the inside out and how we’re showing up for ourselves and others

  • IMPACT: Fuelling our leadership so that it’s impactful and sustainable

  • MINDSET: Cultivating a curiosity mindset to deeply understand your ecosystem of individuals, team and organisation.


Masterclass 3:


Reconnecting with Purpose and the Organisation

Great organisations need leaders who think beyond their own team. Enterprise leadership encourages leaders to focus on organisational outcomes, leading with the whole organisational in mind. The last couple of years has seen many teams grow closer but the side effect has been a weakened connection to the organisation and other teams and units. We take a look at how you can lead your people to establish or maintain a strong connection to purpose, strategy and culture.

In this masterclass we explore:

  • PURPOSE: Connecting the team with purpose, vision and strategy

  • MINDSET: Cultivating an enterprise mindset for enhanced team and organisational performance

  • CULTURE: Getting great outcomes through an empowered team and organisational culture

  • MOTIVATION: Tapping into the strengths, motivation and purpose of individuals and your team to drive great outcomes for everyone.


Masterclass 2:


Leading High Performance Teams in Hybrid

Great teams don’t happen by accident. Leaders need to invest time in developing the team as a unit whilst optimising the performance of each team member. A lot has changed over the last couple of years for individuals, teams and organisations. We take a look at how leaders can identify, flex, and adapt to the needs of the team enabling leaders to engage, grow and retain talent.

In this masterclass we explore:

  • IMPACT: Your team ‘retro’ and the insights you’ve now got about your previous experiences, where they are now, and where they want to go

  • ENVIRONMENT: The foundation of all high performance teams is psychological safety and creating the right environment for people to thrive

  • CONNECTION: Facilitating and growing team trust and connection, with effective relationships and an inclusive culture fuelling high performance

  • CHANGE: The impact of change on individuals and teams and how to bring people together now and lead them into the future.


Masterclass 4:


Amplifying My Leadership into the Future of Work

Great leaders never stop learning, stretching, growing and adapting. Amplifying your leadership to create greater impact into the future is critical to individual, team and organisational success. We take a look at how you can take what you’ve learned in this program and then dial it up to the next level with clarity, purpose and energy.



In this masterclass we explore:

  • LISTENING: Establishing a listening strategy to ensure you continue to grow your leadership and your team

  • RHYTHMS: Getting the right individual and team rituals embedded to ensure your team’s ongoing performance

  • COACHING: Driving performance in your team through coaching confidence and capability

  • ACTION: Developing a leadership action plan to further amplify your leadership impact sustainably into the future.

Supporting Program Impact:

  • Pre-program briefing with the initiative lead for context, awareness of internal resources and processes, and key messages for the masterclass program

  • Participants will complete a pre-program self-reflection ‘Getting to Now’ to prime them for the first workshop module

  • During the workshops there is a combination of individual reflection, small and whole group discussion and activities

  • Between workshops there’s ‘Hybrid Works in Action’ activities to operationalise the content from the session

  • Post-program debrief with the initiative lead to discuss the program impact and any insights.

Masterclass Inclusions:

  • For each masterclass module, participants will receive:

    • Masterclass summary

    • Activity resources

    • Hybrid Works individual ‘user manual’ template.


  • 4x half day Masterclass modules (3.5hrs)

  • Timing for Masterclass delivery:

    • 9:00am to 12:30pm (with 15 min break), or

    • 1:00pm to 4:30pm (with 15 min break)

  • Option 1 – Fortnightly - recommended

(program delivered over 8 weeks)


  • Option 2 – Three weeks

(program delivered over 12 weeks)


  • Option 3 - Monthly

(program delivered over 16 weeks)


Venue Requirements:

  • Room to be provided by the client

  • Room to be set up café style in small groups for 3-4. *Approx 4x tables

  • Flip chart stand and paper 

  • Note paper and pens. People Tank can provide at an extra cost.

Post Program Follow Up:

At the conclusion of the program, the facilitator is to meet with the client to complete the post program wrap up (People Tank to supply document).


  • This meeting will occur within two weeks of delivering the final Masterclass.

Program Prerequisites:

Attendance at the Pre-Program Delivery meeting

  • Program can be delivered virtually or in-person

  • Preference to deliver in person as this program has been specifically designed to encourage a return to the physical workplace environment.