Influencing Positive

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Professional Development Pathway
for: Influencing Positive Outcomes

Program Overview:

The ability to influence others is an essential workplace skill. This workshop introduces participants to a range of strategies that aim to exert more influence in day to day interactions with stakeholders, clients and team members. Strategies such as building rapid rapport, creating a persuasive message, communicating assertively and managing emotions are explored fully with an emphasis on applying these skills to relevant situations. This course is essential for anyone looking to leverage greater influence and achieve more positive outcomes within any type of workplace interaction.

Key Learning Outcomes:

By completing this course you will be able to:

  • Identify opportunities to exert more influence

  • List the key factors that underpin influence

  • Describe the journey of a trusted advisor and assess yourself on the influencing matrix

  • Discuss strategies to build rapid rapport

  • Articulate the concept of a personal trust account and identify options for supporting this approach

  • Recall ways to deliver a more persuasive message

  • Discuss the concept of framing and apply this to your day to day interactions

  • Explain the stages of a consulting conversation and discuss how this approach can leverage influence

  • Apply methods for managing emotions when under pressure

  • Describe the keys to assertive communication

  • Outline the 3 step process to politely and professionally say ‘no’

  • Determine a personal action plan that focuses on exerting more influence in relevant workplace situations.

Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning more about how to leverage more influence in the workplace. It is highly relevant for those looking to establish themselves as more persuasive contributors in day to day interactions and also for more experienced influencers seeking to sharpen their skills in guiding situations to more positive outcomes.

Detailed Program Outline:

Pre work activities:

Before the workshop participants will be asked to:

  • Watch a short online video

  • Determine who they need to influence

  • Identify a role model influencer

Module 4:


Deliver a persuasive message

  • Clarify your outcome

  • The 3 V’s of communication

  • Manage your non-verbal language

  • Optimise your voice

  • Check your language use

  • The art of framing

  • Structure your message

  • Activity: Get buy in for a new idea

Module 1: 


Explore influence

  • Why influence?

  • Activity: Identify opportunities to exert more influence

Module 5:


Engage and motivate  stakeholders

  • Seek first to understand

  • The stages of a consulting conversation

  • Essential consulting skills

  • Activity: Consult with your stakeholder

Module 2:


Become a trusted advisor

  • Core attributes of a trusted advisor

  • Activity: Are you perceived as a trusted advisor?

  • The trust imperative

  • Improve your credibility

Module 6:


Influence difficult situations

  • Manage your emotions

  • Find solutions not problems

  • The keys to assertive communication

  • Activity: Say ‘no’ nicely

Module 3:


Make the connection

  • Build rapid rapport

  • Emphasise similarities

  • Be aware of the trust account

  • Activity: Make deposits into precarious accounts

Module 7:


Be better influence

  • Develop a personal action plan

Program Inclusions:

All participants will receive:

  • Training from an experienced facilitator

  • Learner guide.


  • 1x full day 

  • The program can be delivered as 2x half day online modules.


Program Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this course.