Managing Workplace

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Workplace fatigue was an existing issue long
before COVID presented to the World's industries

Program Overview:

After many months of remote working, moving to and from hybrid models, lockdowns, slashing of budgets, staff changes, restrictions and vaccination transparency - it’s no surprise that our leaders and teams are exhausted. And rightly so.


You can earn professional development training, here. You do not need to suffer in silence and feel isolated with these ongoing challenges. It is time for leaders and team members across all industries and organisations to ignite the conversation about how we can manage and overcome workplace fatigue and re-energise our people to feel empowered by this opportunity to improve self and create stronger outcomes and experiences, generating more meaningful results.

In this highly interactive webinar we will explore: 

  • What is workplace fatigue and how do we recognise it in our leaders and teams?

  • The cost of “keeping soldiering on”

  • The link between personality and risk of fatigue

  • Five key strategies to help re-energise leaders and their organisations.

Target Audience:

  • All those who play a role in supporting business operations

  • Have a prerequisite to bring their best self to work every day

  • Strive to create a well balanced environment in your workplace

  • You want to gain a deeper insight to the impact of fatigue and the role it plays for you

  • Have an interest in developing your leadership skills through improving your mental health. 



  • 90x minutes

  • This program is delivered online via ZOOM or Microsoft Teams.