Mindful Leadership

Personal Development Pathway
for: Mindful Leadership

Program Overview:

Mindfully leading ourselves and others can have a significant impact on our wellbeing, performance and teams.


Each session focuses on a critical element of leadership and how mindfulness can help take your leadership of self and others to the next level. You’ll development simply but impactful mindfulness techniques for sustainable results.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Utilise a range of formal and informal mindfulness in action practices in your leadership

  • Manage stress, build resilience and improve wellbeing to fuel great leadership

  • Enhance your professional and personal relationships through effective communication

  • Build your attentional and emotional intelligence for greater connection and enhanced performance

  • Increase mental flexibility and drive innovation.

Who Should Attend?

  • This series would suit groups of up to 15 team members and/or leaders

  • This series is for those new to mindfulness or those who have had some experience and looking to broaden out their practice or get their mindfulness practice back in action.

Detailed Program Outline:

Session 1: 


Mindfulness: An introduction

  • What mindfulness is

  • How it benefits your wellbeing and performance and leadership

  • Ways in which we can practice mindfulness and build our attentional intelligence.

Session 4:


Mindfulness: Mindsets

  • The role mindsets play in our work and personal lives

  • Utilising mindfulness to foster a growth mindset for improved learning, performance and satisfaction.

Session 2:


Mindfulness: Emotional Intelligence

  • The role of emotional intelligence in our work and life

  • Utilising mindfulness to improve our emotional intelligence.

Session 5:


Mindfulness: Mental Flexibility

  • The difference between mental rigidity and mental flexibility

  • Utilising mindfulness to increase our mental flexibility and performance.​

Session 3:


Mindfulness: Managing Stress

  • How stress affects our minds and bodies

  • Utilising mindfulness as a tool to deal with stress and stressful events.

Session :


Mindfulness: Communication

  • The importance of effective communication for work and life

  • Utilising mindfulness to enhance our communication and relationships.

Program Inclusions:

  • Pre program mindset and goals template to set individuals up for success and maximise their experience in the series

  • Workshop notes capturing key details, concepts and tools

  • Insights to action worksheet to inspire and motivate changed thinking and behaviour

  • Mindfulness in action options to put the session into action

  • Post program reflection and learning integration.



  • 6x 1hr sessions delivered weekly.

Program Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this program. Participants are advised to bring relevant workplace examples and challenges that they can focus on throughout the program.