Mindfulness for
Mental Fitness

Personal Development Pathway
for: Mindfulness for Mental Fitness

Program Overview:

Just like our physical fitness, mental fitness requires regular exercise and creating sustainable, healthy habits. These weekly sessions are designed to understand the science around why and how these techniques work to improve sleep, decrease stress, strengthen relationships, focus attention, and drive performance and provide practical mindfulness in action techniques that make a meaningful difference. You can earn professional development training, here.


This series helps people explore the different ways they can practice mindfulness and provides a weekly dose to reset and recharge.


Topics covered across the series:

  • Introduction to mindfulness

  • Just breathe

  • Tuning in to our body

  • Through our senses

  • Letting go and finding calm

  • Cultivating gratitude.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Utilise a range of formal and informal mindfulness in action practices

  • Understand and manage the stress response

  • Increase your resilience and improve your wellbeing

  • Respond rather than react

  • Improve focus, concentration and creativity

  • Increase vitality and energy

  • Clearer thinking and decision making.

Who Should Attend?

  • This series would suit both small and large groups of team members and/or leaders

  • This series is for those new to mindfulness or those who have had some experience and looking to broaden out their practice or get their mindfulness practice back in action

  • This series is perfect for those people and teams who want to understand the impact of practicing mindfulness and exploring the different ways to integrate it into our everyday lives, building their mental fitness over six weeks.

Program Inclusions:

  • Workshop notes capturing key details, concepts and tools

  • Insights to action worksheet to inspire and motivate changed thinking and behaviour

  • Mindfulness in action options to put the session into action.


  • 6x 30 minute sessions delivered weekly

  • 15 minutes of content, 10 minutes practice, 5 minutes wrap up and call to action

  • This series would suit small to large groups.


Program Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this program. Participants are advised to bring relevant workplace examples and challenges that they can focus on throughout the program.