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One connection creates results.

Motivated to see the uplift of core capability on others?

We’re proud and empowered to be collaborating with some of the industry’s best solution providers in their field. We’ve forged credible working partnerships to offer our customers extended access to:

Our Partners

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BSI Digital Learning

Partnering with one of Australia’s lead digital learning businesses, People Tank customers are provided with the added security that their digital learning content creation will be built for your LMS, your people and support those with disability.


BSI offer us the added layer of support for large scale projects and an extension of our team in delivering accessible and tested digital learning outputs. 


Services in our partnership:

  • Digital Strategy Support

  • Accessibility checks on digital content

  • Extended resource capability to assist with large scale projects

  • Project Management for digital design work

  • Supporting stringent learning standards.


Thinkahead Consultant Psychologists have partnered with People Tank as a support to Mental Health in the Workplace solutions.


As qualified psychologists, we’re proud to be partnering with an experienced team of professionals that create better futures for people. The Thinkahead team are an extension of the services we offer our customers and they offer a range of sustainable solutions to a range of issues impacting business performance for today’s worker.


Combining psychological principles and methodologies with leading edge business thinking. Thinkahead achieve sustainable behavioural change, create high performing teams and constructive work cultures.

New Partners

We're always open to having a conversation that strengthens the quality solutions we deliver to our clients. If a key partner alignment gives us another point of difference, and you're prepared to take risks in driving innovation forward, we are happy to chat.


People Tank is different, and this is one way we love to collaborate with others to achieve even greater outcomes.

"The more people you inspire the more people will inspire you."
Simon Sinek, Visionary Thinker