Take charge of your own personal growth, create a better working world for you and your teams.


People Tank offers you a suite of targeted programs designed to see immediate change in your performance, your health and your work-life balance in recognising mindfulness in everything you do.


Our specialist consultants will take you on a journey to reach your full potential and understand mindfulness for your own mental fitness. You will take ownership of your development path to build a better world for yourself while at work, and at home.


Explore different ways we can take simple but meaningful action to fuel our wellbeing and energy. And understand the relationship between stress, wellbeing and mindfulness.


Through these highly interactive programs you will see immediate benefits on making positive change in your life.


We look forward to taking you, your teams and your business on the journey with us. You can earn professional development training, here.


Personal Development

Though acknowledgement and reflection we all can take part in
opportunities for self-improvement.

What's in the Tank?

Hybrid Works

A targeted masterclass that equips managers and leaders with the required skills to drive forward high-performance, create a psychological safe environment and thrive through times of rapid change while working as a hybrid workforce.

Breaking Bias

In this workshop we explore the neuroscience of bias and how we can develop the cognitive and emotional skills to combat bias and create sustainable inclusivity.

Finding Focus with Mindfulness

Our work, our lives, our wellbeing and our interconnected relationships are suffering. Mindfulness can help you find focus, drive better performance at work, and find greater fulfilment and happiness. Building attentional intelligence is a cognitive skill that we can all develop.

Get to Know the Facilitator

This month we talk to Carolyn Mitchell, our Principal Consultant for Personal Development, Neuro-Leadership and Mindfulness. 

Say hello to Carolyn by clicking below or visiting the Tank Talk page. Enjoy!

Leading a Culture of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

This workshop helps leaders and teams mitigate the biases that negatively affect people and business decisions so that they can be more innovative, adaptable, and effective.

Mindfulness for Mental Fitness

This 6x part series is perfect for those people and teams who want to understand the impact of practicing mindfulness and exploring the different ways to integrate it into our everyday lives, building their mental fitness over six weeks.

Mindfulness in Action

This 4x part series is an introduction to mindfulness and explores the science of mindfulness and the different ways we can take action to create mindfulness habits in our lives.

Creating Belonging

Creating a sense of belonging is critical and takes focused, consistent and meaningful action by the organisation, leaders, teams and individuals.

Mindfulness for Resilience and Wellbeing

Mindfulness plays a critical role in our wellbeing and managing our energy and each session we explore different ways we can take simple but meaningful action to fuel our wellbeing and energy.

Mindful Leadership

Mindfully leading ourselves and others can have a significant impact on our wellbeing, performance and teams. In this 6x part series we will focus on a critical element of leadership and how mindfulness will help take your leadership of self and others to the next level.

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