Project Management
for Researchers

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Professional Development Pathway
for: Project Management for Researchers

Program Overview:

Introducing an essential professional development program for academic researchers.

Whilst researchers are experts in delivering quality data and analysis, they’re often challenged when it comes to managing a project. Researchers are expected to be competent in getting buy in from stakeholders, managing project risks and controlling scope creep, when in fact they’ve typically had little or no formal training in the discipline of project management. This can easily lead to a frustrating research project and a disappointed funding partner who may not be supportive of further research.

How Can This Program Help?

Developed in partnership with UNSW, this learning program builds the ability of an academic researcher to confidently lead a research project with an external partner. Through the application of a best practice project management methodology with supporting tools and templates, participants learn how to:​

  • Successfully plan, implement and close a research project

  • Develop essential skills in scope analysis, stakeholder engagement and risk management

  • Consistently deliver research project outcomes that often exceed partner expectations

Who Should Attend?

  • Applicable to academics responsible for leading the execution and management of a research project with an external partner.

Key Learning Outcomes:

By completing this program, participants will be able to:

• Clarify and validate the scope and deliverables of a research project

• Assess and mitigate project risks and respond to immediate constraints

• Identify optimal project governance and effectively engage with stakeholders and partners

• Determine a clear project budget and schedule with milestones

• Develop a project communications plan and create a rigorous change control process

• Track and monitor project progress and respond to scope creep and other issues appropriately

• Deliver on partner and stakeholder expectations and effectively close a research project

• Use a range of tools and templates to create quality project documentation

What Participants Have Said:

Since its launch in 2019 at UNSW, this program has been delivered at a number of Australian universities to outstanding participant feedback:



Great course that I will definitely recommend to others. Great mix of presentation and break

out activities. Material was pitched well and immediately applicable to improve my project

management within the research project I manage. This was an enormously useful and practical course, and wonderfully facilitated. I actually not only found this course to be a great learning experience, but something I genuinely looked forward to in my week - it was a great opportunity to step out of the frenzy of academia and have space to learn, plan, and reflect."



  • This is a 2 day program that can be delivered either face to face or online for up to 16 participants.

Program Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this course.

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