Psychological Safety, it's not just for leaders.


We help organisations to pair psychological safety with performance for exceptional outcomes and significantly reduced stress.

We do it by integrating psychological safety at an individual, team, leader and systems and culture level, through facilitated diagnostics, consultation, developmental workshops, online programs and train the trainer courses.

In a knowledge economy, we generate value through our ability to think, engage, collaborate and execute well. Fear - which is ingrained in our work lives and hiding in plain sight - blocks our performance and extracts a high tax across the organisation. Trust, or psych safety, (once understood and practiced) is a simple, elegant, sustainable solution that strengthens the bottom line - and equally - the people who deliver it.

Have you assessed psychological safety in your workplace & are you aware of the impacts that currently exist?

People Tank offers a premium suite of customised courses targeted to support professionals to enhance their skills in the workplace and beyond. We deliver all courses in-person and virtually. Providing flexibility is key to our partnership with your business. 


Psychological Safety

We help leaders at all levels of an organisation to form
habits that will drive their success.

What's in the Tank?

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Psychological Safety 

for Leaders

A seminar to equip leaders with an understanding of why psychological safety and trust are critical to achieving and sustaining peak performance; their roles as leaders in championing psychological safety as a precondition of team development and performance; and how they can achieve unexpected results by adopting a few simple practices.

Team Performance Tracker

Gauge the culture and performance of your team, see how they’re rating against the five key areas of optimal teams, and get insights about how to begin closing gaps by employing the right strategies at the right time.

Psychological Safety Series

Leadership training workshops designed as diagnostics which engage, educate and create curiosity about the possibilities of a psych safe culture.

Performance Partnership

An online, self paced course designed to help leaders learn the skills to adapt and grow while unlocking and developing excellence in the team.

30 Day Team Reset

An online course for leaders, this system is designed so you can refine the way your team focus, achieve, collaborate and develop together.


"Psychological Safety and trust change whether we connect,
and invest in ourselves - or protect and withdraw.
They're the difference between seamless engagement, performance and struggling".

Teresa Mitrovic Principal Consultant, Psychological Safety