Psychological Safety
for Leaders

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Psychological Safety Pathway
for: Leaders

Program Overview:

This interactive virtual seminar has been developed for managers and leaders to help them understand the concepts of psychological safety and trust in moderating performance. The workshop will assist leaders in identifying when psychological safety is present or absent while providing pointers on how to improve and sustain psychological safety in the workplace. You can earn professional development training, here.


The seminar will equip leaders with an understanding of why psychological safety and trust are critical to achieving and sustaining peak performance; their roles as leaders in championing psychological safety as a precondition of team development and performance; and how they can achieve unexpected results by adopting a few simple practices.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Personally identify with the concept of psychological safety and how it shows up at work so it becomes real, not theoretical

  • Understand why psychological safety comes before trust and performance so there’s context about their role and why it matters

  • Appreciate the role of psychological safety in team and group development so they can recognise artificial harmony and work to replace it with genuine psychological safety and trust

  • Clearly identify their role as leaders so they can distinguish between what they can influence vs. what they can control and in doing so take relevant, practical action

  • Recognise when team members are feeling psychologically unsafe and have techniques for addressing it safely

  • Identify simple and immediate steps for improving psychological safety so they can begin implementing their plan starting next week.

Who Should Attend?

  • Leaders of teams and work groups who would like to understand how to create psychologically safe performance environments.

Detailed Program Outline:

Module 1: 


What does psychological safety mean to you

  • Understanding psychological safety’s role in performance so you’re aware of the gains and losses - and when psych safety is present or absent.

Module 4:


The role of psychological safety in amplifying performance in your team

  • Create clarity & transparency about roles, targets, resources & potential roadblocks. Agree the goals for both performance (what they do) & culture (how they work together to do it). Provide individual maps that make taking action & resolving issues easier (for everyone).

Module 2:


What you need to know about psychological safety as a leader (why it’s a condition of both trust and performance)

  • Understanding how The Psychological Safety Performance Model works. The role of each element and how they connect to create peak - sustainable - performance.

Module 5:


How you can achieve unexpected results as a leader by starting with psychological safety

  • A set of simple, practical steps you can take with your team to start enabling psych safety and fostering trust, while still focusing on performance.

Module 3:


The difference between psychological safety and trust

  • Understanding the distinction and considering how leaders can use their influence to create the conditions for psychologically safe peak performance.

Program Inclusions:

  • Copy of the slide deck

  • Free chapter from The Currency of Connection for attendees



  • 90x minute session delivered online via ZOOM or Microsoft Teams. 

Program Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this program.