Psychological Safety

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Psychological Safety Pathway
for: Psychological Safety Series 

Program Overview:

These online micro learning journeys work on developing psychological safety training from four different angles: connection (I've Got Your Back), change (Plot Twist), conversation (Hush) and self leadership (Presence).


Materials are tailored to challenge assumptions, gather resources and create curiosity about each topic. Team insights from each session are captured and shared with the leader so the team can build on what they’ve discovered to reinforce psychological safety.


The series provides workshops for the full team and wrap around support for the leader as they prepare to integrate the work with their team.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of what psychological safety is, how it relates to performance and why it is so important at work

  • Awareness of the roles of self, leader and team in promoting psychological safety

  • Insights into what holds themselves and each other back from collaborating and what makes them lean in

  • How to reframe unexpected change to see both the risk and the opportunity

  • An appreciation and understanding of what active listening is, how it works and what it feels like to be heard

  • What presence and composure really mean, and what they look like in practice - wherever you are in the business.

Who Should Attend?

  • Intact teams and work groups who’ve worked together for a minimum of six weeks.

Detailed Program Outline:

Launch Pad: 


Team introduction

  • Introducing the team to the concept of psychological safety, The Psychological Safety Performance Model and the Psych Safety Series program.

Journey 3:


Hush - The power of listening

  • Conversation is foundational to how we learn, express ourselves, exchange ideas and build knowledge. So when our stories, questions, ideas remain untold, when they lack clarity, precision or space for reflection and understanding, our collective intelligence is diminished. This workshop covers how sharing, listening and learning develops collective wisdom.

Journey 1:

I’ve got your back - Building connection

  • Psychological safety is the foundation of high performing teams, but it’s only possible when we see beyond each other’s roles to understand - and connect with - the human underneath. In this workshop, we look at the dynamics that influence our willingness to collaborate, and we start to understand what it means to ‘have each others’ backs’.

Journey 4:


Presence - Holding ground gracefully

  • The lives we have lived, the roles we hold, our strengths, weaknesses and blindspots have the power to synthesise - or sabotage - our presence in critical moments. Recognising that helps us to ground ourselves with presence and emotional maturity in the moment. In this workshop, we look at how to gain the ability to harness our full selves to become intentional and on point in the moments that matter.

Journey 2:

Plot twist - Embracing emerging change

  • When change feels sudden, disruptive, or imposed, it registers as a threat. Instead of leaning in, we pull back - seeking the security of safe spaces, and self-protection when what the business needs most from us is engagement and curiosity. In this workshop, we reframe plot twists to help us tap into our resilience so we can act with agency and ownership to respond effectively in the present and to build capability for the future.

Program Inclusions:

  • Team Introduction to the Psychological Safety Series (Zoom Meeting)

  • Micro Learning Journey Page (online for each of the four journeys)

  • Virtual Session Welcome Pack (pdf)

  • Learning Journey Pre Work (mixed media)

  • Immersive Workshop (Zoom Meeting)

  • Worksheet (editable pdf)

  • After the Event Guide (pdf)

  • Integration Pack (pdf)

  • Leaders Integration Pack (pdf)

  • Team Insights from the Workshop (pdf)

  • Leaders Deck (pdf)

  • Leaders' One Pager's (pdf's): The Context, Quarterly Prompts, Translating, Anchoring Insights, Facilitating Conversations

  • 2x Leader Debriefs (via Zoom Meeting)



  • The series duration is 4 ½ months.

Program Prerequisites:

  • A commitment from leadership to continue the conversation and integration of the psych safety insights in between workshops to maintain momentum, engagement and trust with the team

  • The team - or work group - must be intact for a minimum of six weeks

  • Note: This program is developmental, not remedial, so isn’t suitable for teams who are experiencing dysfunction or toxicity.