Train the Trainer

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for: Train the Trainer Workshop

Program Overview:

An immersive workshop that equips trainers with the required skills of facilitation and training to achieve learning outcomes.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Providing facilitators and trainers in business with the tools to build effective training programs and deliver with high impact

  • Equipping learning teams with the skills to create learning that lands

  • Elevating learning and development teams with new delivery techniques and skills

  • To give structure to your training programs when designing and delivering solutions for your business

  • Learn how to apply Adult Learning Principles in your training programs

  • Learn how to read the room when delivering your programs and understanding your audience.

Who Should Attend?

  • Learning and development teams

  • Facilitators and trainers in business

  • Learning specialists

  • Learning design consultants

Detailed Program Outline:

Program kick off:


Pre-session preparation

  • Complete a 'Preferred Learning Style' questionnaire which is then reviewed by the facilitator prior to commencing the training

  • Identify personal learning objectives for the program.

Day 1:


Learning fundamentals and design

  • Setting the Context: explore learning and the connection with behavioural change

  • Adult Learning Principles: apply core adult learning principles, how adults learn, and sensory learning styles (LEAPS and VAK)

  • Learner Profiles: learn how to tailor training to the needs of the learner and explore participants preferred learning style 

  • Learning Session Design: preparation, objectives, learning planning, outlining/structure, and outcomes

  • Engaging Content: creating purposeful learning materials, activities, and visuals

  • Day 1 Celebration: participants deliver short training session using day 1 learnings.

Day 2:



  • The Confident Trainer: explore a range of communication elements fundamental to connection and collaborative learning

  • Emotional Intelligence: learn how to identify, understand, and influence emotion to inspire behavioural change (including storytelling)

  • Managing Challenges: identifying and managing problem learners, handling difficult questions, and dealing with the unexpected

  • Day 2 Celebration: participants deliver an 8-10 minute session using day 1 and 2 learnings with trainer and group feedback provided.

Program Inclusions:

  • Pre-course activities to get you engaged before the learning commences

  • Course materials to support you when back on the job

  • Support from a highly qualified facilitator.



  • 2x full days 

  • This program can be delivered online via ZOOM.

Program Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this program.

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