Visual Communication

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Visual Facilitation Pathway
for: Visual Communication Masterclass

Program Overview:

A bold masterclass that brings your training to life. A highly interactive workshop delivered over 3 days to equip learners with the skills and art-form of visual facilitation.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Transform your training programs by bringing them to life through visual aids

  • Learn how to design and draw out your program while facilitating to your teams

  • Create high-impact visual boards that speak to the program outputs of your teams and leaders

  • You will bring your training programs 'visually' to life.

Who Should Attend?

  • Learning and development leaders

  • Industry facilitators and trainers

  • Marketing teams who wish to bring their ideas to life.

Detailed Program Outline:

Day 1: 


Why visualise?: why we draw and where

  • Holding the pen and drawing bold, confident lines: write and draw first with the black pen

  • Graphics and text containers: combine basic shapes to create the visual vocabulary

  • Icons and symbols: pictograms and developing your own visual vocabulary

  • Figures: representing people, their situations, interactions and emotions

  • Colour and space: shading, colour theory, and using colour strategically

  • Day 1 celebration: create poster/infographic using day 1 knowledge.

Day 2:


Visualisation in context

  • Lettering: improving legibility and visual appeal with creative fonts

  • Live Capture: capturing information live through creation of poster capturing outputs of a presentation, group brainstorm, or lecture

  • Layout: creating order out of complex content (grid, bisection, arrangement, linear process, circular process, Ferris Wheel technique)

  • Pre-prepared and creating engaging templates: headlines, frames, actions logos, infograms, pictorial landscapes

  • Day 2 celebration: create poster template specific to participants situation or context using day 1 and 2 knowledge and test.

Day 3:


Visualisation application

  • Mobile elements: using pre-designed cards to artistically enhance the design for feedback, brainstorming, or mind map session

  • Combination methodology for key visuals: text, pictograms, figure and colour combination techniques (effect lines, invisible things, sounds

  • Synthesising: Analysing, distilling, and organising knowledge into meaningful contexts

  • The poster machine: creating a flip-chat in 15 minutes in 6 steps

  • Strategic Visualisation: dialogue maps, knowledge maps (in internal and external communication), visualisation in change processes, and explanatory files (digital visualisation)

  • Eight tips for visual presentation: top tips to ensure you visual communication hit the mark

  • Course celebration: create a poster specific to the participants situation or context using day 1, 2 and 3 knowledge and present to the group.

Program Inclusions:

  • All materials and supplies needed for the training are provided.

  • Neuland starter kit provides everything you need to complete this vibrant masterclass

    • Neualnd No.One Outliner (wedge nib)

    • Neuland BigOne (wedge nib) in red (200)

    • Neuland NoOne (wedge nib) markers in Brilliant Yellow (500) and Ocean (305)

    • Neuland BigOne 5-set (choice of 'Back to Green', 'Wild Berries', 'Mermaids Kiss', 'Pink Amethyst', 'Sunset', or 'Ice in the Sunshine' set) 

    • 55m roll of 2cm wide Artist Tape

    • Paper skitter with recessed blade for safe and fast cutting

    • Novario No.One Box

  • Flip Chart: 50 sheets: 595 x 850mm

  • Photo documentation: Photos of training will be provided to participants in a digital formal after the workshop to use as a training reference

  • Training certificate: A certificate confirming your participation in the training and a list of the content covered in the course.



  • 3x full days 

  • This program can also be delivered online via ZOOM.

Program Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this program.

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