High Performance People

Time to remove your limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and fear.
It's time to be real. It's time to be authentic. 

Are you ready to remove your limiting beliefs and to remove barriers that stop you from performing at your best?


Let us take you on a journey with Anthony Bonnici to give you the motivation, to enable and build trust, to influence others, to understand your body language in business, and to navigate working with different personalities. 


Principal Consultant, Anthony Bonnici is our mastermind behind the solutions offered in this swim lane. Over the past 16 years, Anthony’s feature keynote Brain Blinkers has toured the globe, working with hundreds of thousands of people in 5 continents.


His solutions are a true reflection of the behaviours and performance of the organisations he has helped, and we’re thrilled to have him on the team to drive forward People Tank customers to bring your best ‘self’ and to truly be high performing as a team, as a leader and as an organisation. 


For over 17 years, this has been his sole focus: to help people unblock themselves to reach their potential, to develop & nurture their people skills & attitude to truly make a difference.

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What's in the Tank?

Brain Blinkers.png
Brain Blinkers | Workshop Pt 1

The Brain Blinkers workshop will help participants recognise and remove the 3 key mental barriers to high performance and success – and– and provides the tools to keep the learning real, practical and relevant for the long term in both a personal and professional context. 

Influencing Broadly

Ensure you maximise the talents of leaders in these crucial roles through the transformative experience of gaining insights into the effectiveness of each leader’s behaviours.

Brain Blinkers | Workshop Pt 2
The Art of Pastel Sketching

An art to trust your limiting beliefs.

Why not create your own personal masterpiece through a live or virtually delivered workshop where you create a pastel sketch of your own, immersing you into a safe space to believe anything is possible for your personally, and in your role.

The Language of Body

So much of what we communicate is non-verbal, and yet we focus so heavily on the words. Anthony will educate & entertain with some fascinating body language no-nos, taboos, and must-dos that will help attendees interact more effectively, leading to better relationships and ultimately results. 

Building Organisational Trust

Grow the communication and team development skills of your team leaders by ensuring they have mastered techniques to support each team member to meet and exceed performance expectations.

Working with Different Personalities

Explore the importance of identifying, understanding and connecting with the four major personality types. Participants will develop a clearer understanding of different personality types, improving communication and self confidence.


"For sustained high performance, it's critical that everyone in an organisation - big, small or somewhere in between - develops the ability to BUILD SELF."
Anthony Bonnici, Principal Consultant, High Performance People