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We are a partner of choice.

We deliver our services locally and globally.

Who Are We?

People Tank are a trusted partner of choice to many corporate and government organisations. We deliver cutting-edge learning, design and development solutions, and we are different to other suppliers in the market.
Our team of specialists and broad range of modern learning solutions is what gives us the ability to develop quality end-to-end learning on demand.
We live for learning; we bring a fresh perspective on customer engagement, and we work hard to make a lasting difference to your business and your people. 

Our Brand


Show us your bend and snap.



We honour truth, personality and spirit.



No shade, no shadows, just clarity.



Our team are driven to
think beyond barriers.


Our Story

  • People Tank have rapidly become recognised as a supplier that offers a rich awareness of how learning is created for today's learner. We deliver results quickly and we pivot as needed for our ever-changing climate

  • We provide extensive knowledge through an elite group of dedicated learning professionals (Our Team) that take pride in building quality and cost-effective solutions through learning design, development, and training delivery to our customers

  • Our team is committed to ensuring we only offer the best service, and we remain authentic is everything we do

  • We leverage the skills of a highly experienced and talented team of learning professionals that make up our fabric. They are experts in their field and individual 'pathway' to truly bringing your business industry-leading solutions like you've never experienced before 


  • We invest in our learning enabling our team to offer you new solutions and services for your organisation. We target topics that make immediate, long lasting change and are transformative for leaders and their teams

  • We're proud to deliver our services and look forward to partnering with more businesses to take your learning experience to the ultimate level


  • We’d love to work with your business, reach out and dive in the Tank to see how we can deliver against your next learning project.

Our Values


Our reputation is to provide a premium service, and to be accessible to your business without the added fees.


Over 20+ years in Learning & Development, our team can be trusted to deliver exceptional solutions and services
for your business.



Our team has a wealth
of industry knowledge, and we can be trusted with the solutions we offer you.


We don't just hear you, we truly listen. Seeking to understand in all conversations.




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About Us

People Tank is a specialist learning consultancy agency, based in Melbourne Australia.


We are experienced learning professionals offering industry-leading solutions for small business, corporate and government organisations where training spend can be managed and real, long lasting solutions come to life.

Partnering with L&D, HR and Learning teams:

  • We provide visibility to your learning design and delivery costs

  • We dive deep to understand your core requirements

  • We consult to understand your strategy or projects

  • We determine which solution best fits your budget and delivery timeframes. 

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Our Why

We have one clear purpose - to provide full transparency when it comes to designing, developing and delivering a learning solution to fit any budget.​ 

Our self-service marketplace provides Learning & Development functions to book, pay and procure their training services, including digital design, instructional design, professional development and leadership pathway solutions all in one place. 

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Our Services

People Tank provide end to end learning solutions including:​

  • Access to an extensive team of experienced consultants and facilitators tailoring our programs for your business

  • Instructor-led face to face and virtual training for the hybrid workforce

  • Modern learning design and delivery solutions 

  • Digital learning and Instructional Design 

  • An extensive catalogue of programs targeted for professional growth, increased productivity and immediate change

  • Flexible learning built to meet your budget. 

​You get direct access to our core specialists to create memorable experiences and to bring your learning to life. A point of difference to us that brings you the experts from the very start. 

Our Core Philosophy


We are daring
and bold.


Listening to understand,
not respond.


No matter where
your business is,
we're with you.

Writing on Glass
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It's a



Our reputation is to provide a premium service, and to be accessible to your business without the added fees.

Creative Design
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Committed to
creating your experience, unique.






We bring leaders, key stakeholders, and decision-makers together to unpack your organisational learning requirements and understand your core needs before building a program that fits your business need.

We design and build a program specifically to you, whilst leveraging our existing core content library of solutions to bring your learning to life.

Our team of industry specialists offer our customers value; a deep insight of learning expertise; real-world and memorable experiences that can be applied to your staff virtually or in-person at your premises

We ensure every program offers your organisation transferrable skills that are applied back in the workplace. That all learners can truly maximise the investment they have on their professional learning journey, as will your organisation when seeing a return on your investment in the solutions we create and deliver for you.

We have no limits when it comes to designing a program fit for your business. We will extend beyond our core services, to incorporate unique and industry-leading innovations and go the extra mile to create learning that sticks.

"We act as a one-stop-shop for all things learning, and our clients love it."
David Wildman, CEO & Founder