Professional Development courses targeted to support professionals and to enhance their skills in the workplace and working from home environments. 


We deliver all courses in-person and virtually. Providing flexibility is key to our partnership with your business. ​

Why not tailor your training?

People Tank will tailor any of our courses to suit your requirements and business context. We do this by understanding your needs and further contextualising the program to incorporate work-based scenarios and examples into the training. This is what brings the training to life, for your people. 

Our team will have an establishment meeting to introduce you to your facilitator, which allows us to unpack your needs further and build the best program to meet your desired outputs. 



Professional Development

Change is at the forefront for all business.
Are you ready to take control of your professional path?

What's in the Tank?

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Hybrid Works

A targeted masterclass that equips managers and leaders with the required skills to drive forward high-performance, create a psychological safe environment and thrive through times of rapid change while working as a hybrid workforce.

Time Management

This course provides tools and techniques that enable you to take back control of your time by getting into the right mindset.

Dealing With Change

This course explores the psychology behind the change response and provides strategies that enable you to deal better with unexpected workplace change.

Facilitate Quality Learning

This course focuses on developing facilitation skills that will engage learners and consistently achieve workplace learning outcomes.

Influence Positive Outcomes

This workshop introduces participants to a range of strategies that aim to exert more influence in day to day

interactions with stakeholders, clients and team members.

Project Management

This course will develop your ability to confidently lead both internal and external workplace projects.

Deliver Memorable Presentations

This is a dynamic program providing participants with the tools and techniques to deliver highly engaging presentations.

Change Management

This course builds knowledge and skills that will enable you to manage the transition of a team on a path of change.

Project Management for

Developed in partnership with UNSW, this program builds the ability of an academic researcher to confidently lead a research project with an external partner.


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David Wildman, CEO & Founder