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Engaged to discover and lead.

We are a team that leverages our core skills to
deliver you custom-made solutions.

We pride ourselves in staying true to our beliefs, in being authentic, honest and to create memorable experiences with an innovative mindset. We are dedicated to truly making a difference.

Who We Are

We are specialists in learning solutions!

People Tank are proud to have some of the industry’s best consultants act as our extended team. The experience, capability and passion of our people is the foundation for driving rapid growth and success in servicing our customers. We have hand-picked our team, all who are vetted, qualified and truly love doing what they do best. 

What is important to us all is delivering a memorable outcome, learning that lasts and that partnering together is a great experience for all involved. 

Our Team

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Committed to
creating your experience unique.


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David Wildman
CEO & Founder
Taylor Maxwell
Creative Director
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Tania Horozides
Principal Consultant, Leadership Development
Lisa Harrison
Principal Consultant, Leadership Development
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I believe in creating positive change, and building quality learning for the future learner.

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Phillip Mann
Principal Consultant, Project Management
Carolyn Mitchell
Principal Consultant, Personal Development
Teresa Mitrovic
Principal Consultant, Leadership Development & Psychological Safety
Candice Tomlinson

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner & Business Coach 

Peter Elliott
Principal Consultant,
Professional Development
Anthony Bonnici
Principal Consultant,
High Performance People
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Bonnie Miller
Principal Consultant, Visual Facilitation
Paul Silverman
Principal Consultant,
Microsoft  365
Steve Ellis
Principal Consultant, 
Microsoft 365
Kirsty McGrath
Principal Consultant,
Microsoft Adoption Specialist 
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Perry Papageorgiou
Principal Consultant, Instructional Design
Tom Barker
Principal Consultant, Instructional Design
Oksana Eremina
Principal Consultant, Instructional Design
Sarah Dodds
Principal Consultant,
Instructional Design
Custom Build 
Searching for a particular skill set? Talk to us, we'll find them.
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"When leaders focus on being themselves to make it
safe for others to be themselves. Magic happens".

Tania Horozides, Principal Consultant, Leadership Pathways