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Connected to create
real change

We’re determined to be at the forefront of building solutions that resonate, are memorable and make an immediate change to your employees lives.

A team of
expert facilitators

Want to be part of something truly special? We look for specialists who are experts in their respective fields to design and shape programs for our customers. The more unique you are, the better. 

Leaders for change

We recognise that learning needs to pivot with the constant change around us, and we do just that. We take charge of making sure learning is adaptive, is different and memorable to support learners of the future.

Innovative thinkers

We’re not afraid to take risks. We think outside the box. We are bold. And we aim to be different.

For Consultants

Our doors are always open for experienced learning professionals who are looking for their next contract opportunity.

Roles we fill projects for include:

  • Instructional designers (Digital and Technical)

  • Organisational development specialists

  • Change Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Project Leads

  • Experienced and qualified facilitators

  • Professional Development and Leadership facilitators

  • Experienced business coaches.


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"We're changing culture, one conversation at a time.
We are a market game-changer and we love it."

Taylor Maxwell, Creative Director