Leadership Development

We innovate to drive forward transformational change and behaviours across all levels of Leadership. Together, we are elevating the leaders of tomorrow.

Leadership development is critical to a company’s success.


With our experience in designing, delivering, and facilitating complex leadership programs over many years, we have created a series of customisable Leadership Development Pathway programs as an ideal starting point to boost your organisations effectiveness. You can earn professional development training, here.


Each program is supported by group learning, coaching, project work and the use of diagnostic tools to provide powerful personal insights to create leaders that get results.


Whether you are wanting to develop the leadership skills of high-potential leaders, team leaders, or middle to senior management, we have a Leadership Development Pathway program to fit your business.

Other course titles have also been introduced to support leaders outside of the pathway programs. 


What's in the Tank?

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Hybrid Works

A targeted masterclass that equips managers and leaders with the required skills to drive forward high-performance, create a psychological safe environment and thrive through times of rapid change while working as a hybrid workforce.

Middle and Senior Leaders

Ensure you maximise the talents of leaders in these crucial roles through the transformative experience of gaining insights into the effectiveness of each leader’s behaviours.

Courageous Conversations

for Leaders

Are there topics or issues that you find difficult or uncomfortable to raise with your team? What might our silence cost us? Do we talk ourselves out of having challenging conversations and as a result end up feeling frustrated and disappointed with the results we are achieving? Let's change that.

Women In Leadership

This course is suitable for existing, new and emerging female leaders, working anywhere across all organisations and industries. A highly engaging program to elevate women in their role as a people leader in your business.

High-Potential Leaders

Develop the leadership capabilities of your high-potential staff before they step into a leadership role.

Managing Workplace Fatigue

Dont suffer in silence and feel alone with your working environment challenges. It is time for leaders and team members to create conversations for how we can overcome workplace fatigue to re-energise our organisations and our people.

Feedback Conversations

for Leaders

Are you an aware of the impact of negatively geared behaviour and the impact it may have on teams effectiveness to meeting performance expectations. Through feedback conversations let's empower positive, solution driven environments.

Emotional Intelligence

for Leaders

This session explores the key skills and behaviours of emotional intelligence, building trust and rapport for high performing teams, and building a positive and productive culture.

Team Leaders

Grow the communication and team development skills of your team leaders by ensuring they have mastered techniques to support each team member to meet and exceed performance expectations.

Coaching Conversations

for Leaders

Grounded in the belief that human beings are excellent problem solvers when supported and in the right environment, coaching is a powerful vehicle for empowering, growing and developing the skills, confidence, and competence of your team.

Psychological Safety 

Helping businesses to pair Psychological Safety with performance for exceptional outcomes and significantly reduced stress.

Better Workplace Relationships

with DISC

Participants will leave with a deeper ability to make workplace

interactions easier and more effective, and build meaningful culture improvement in your organisation.

"To build courage in teams and organisations, we have to cultivate a culture in which brave work, tough conversations and whole hearts are the expectation, and armour is not necessary or rewarded."
Brené Brown, PhD, LMSW, Research Professor, Author