A visual learning experience that will equip you with the right tools to manage difficult conversations, and bring harmony to your organisation to provide better outcomes.


This series gives you the mechanisms at play in difficult situations, we unpack the challenges and provide opportunities to explore personal experiences, as well as learn and practice behaviours that support early intervention and positive outcomes in conflict scenarios. Step in, and step up to recognise how People Tank can shape uneasy situations to be better ones. 


*All workshops will be supported by Visual Facilitation to bring your conversations to life*


Managing Conflict and Collaboration

Restore team cohesion, deepen your collaboration, and strengthen your leadership capabilities to make better decisions when faced with difficult situations.

What's in the Tank?

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Conflict Resolution

Improve your ability to proactively deal with conflict and challenging behaviours.

Collaborative Communication

The workshop recognises that the key to success, both professional and personally, is the ability to effectively communicate.  Using the DISC assessment, behavioural and communication preferences are uncovered, and the ability to adapt, build rapport, influence, and enhance performance, is developed.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Our Conflict Resolution and Mediation workshop is the essential workshop for HR Professionals and Managers who are seeking to learn about conflict and mediation and explore the practical skills that support negotiation and the mediation process.

Collaborative Team Building

Unlock team potential by understanding team behavioural, communication, and conflict resolution styles.  This workshop is about recognising that most people aren't difficult, just different.  

Conflict Dynamics for Leaders

Deepen your understanding of conflict management and team dysfunction, develop negotiation skills, and explore decision-making paradigms.

Custom Workshop

Want us to create a program for you? No problem! Connect with us and our specialist consultants, and we'll collaborate with your learning teams to create a program that sticks, is immediately applied and memorable. We'd love to work with you on your next learning program. So get in touch today!

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David Wildman, CEO & Founder