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Together, let's collaborate.

Changing culture, one conversation at a time.

Our Services

 We are a trusted learning consultancy with extensive expertise in designing end-to-end learning solutions on demand.

What Makes Us Tick?

People Tank is a professional learning consultancy to support digital learning, design, education and training needs. Our services and solutions are broad, remain competitive, fair and give you full transparency to manage your costs for design, development and delivery of your professional learning and development.

Our experienced team will source and identify the right solution to give you the outcomes you're looking for, no matter what the project or size.  


If you're after specialists that provide access to Instructional Design, Digital/eLearning development, Compliance and Induction program design, Professional Development, Leadership pathways or perhaps 1-1 Coaching - People Tank can support you.

Contact us to discuss your next learning project, and we'll take care of the rest.

Digital Learning Design

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Together, let us help you identify how your learning experience can be transformed.

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We help leaders at all levels of an organisation to form habits that will drive their success.

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Get a front row seat for custom crafted workshops, geared to improve today's learning experience. 

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Time to remove your limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and fear. It's time to be real. It's time to be authentic.

Personal Development


Through acknowledgement and reflection we all can take part in opportunities for self-improvement. 

Custom Design


Can't find what you need? Together, let's create a solution that fits.

Instructional Design


Our team of experts will work with you to create the ultimate customer experience.

Professional Development

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Change is at the forefront for all business. Take control of your professional path. 

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Our team of experts will work with you to create the ultimate customer experience.

Psychological Safety

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We help leaders at all levels of an organisation to form habits that will drive their success.

Our Service Offering

Instructional Design

  • Design and development of high-quality learning programs

  • End to end learning design

  • Curriculum development

  • Micro-learning / eLearning

  • Short or long-term projects

  • Digital development

Compliance and Induction

  • Design of your custom content for Compliance and Induction training or eLearning

Consulting Services

  • Managed learning services (digital)

  • Database development

  • Design thinking and Ideation


Conference & Events

  • Conference facilitation

  • Strategic team building workshops

Professional Development & Leadership


  • Management & Leadership pathways

  • Project Management and Project Management for Researchers

  • Team building and engagement

  • Strategic engagement 

  • Presentation Skills

  • Communication Skills in Business

  • Influencing & Negotiation Skills

  • Building a High Performance Culture

  • Resilience & Change Management

  • 1-1 Coaching

"Growth is never by chance. It is the result of forces working together."
David Wildman, CEO & Founder